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New East Kent Guidance for Diabetes

User AvatarPosted by Clifford Gibbs at 24/07/2017 11:42:46

Please see the attached New East Kent guidance relating to:


  • Sick Day Rules: All diabetes patients should be educated on how to manage their condition when they are ill.  To complement the education, this guidance advises on key points to discuss with the patient and signposts to the appropriate TREND Sick Day Rules leaflet which should be printed and handed to the patient.  Click here for details.


  • Ketone testing: this guidance is for adults with type 1 diabetes (but may be applicable to a very small group of high risk patients with type 2 diabetes). It provides advice on when and how often patients should be monitoring their ketones, how many strips to supply at initiation and when replacement is required.  This guideline should be used in conjunction with the Sick Day Rules guidance (see above).  Click here for details.

Summer Update 2017

Posted by Daniel Harper at 11/07/2017 13:26:01