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Ashford health commissioners celebrate NHS 65th anniversary

User AvatarPosted by Bobbie Walkem-Smith at 28/06/2013 15:46:13

Friday 5 July marks the 65th anniversary of the NHS. It is amazing to think that our National Health Service has been going strong for more than half a century. We hope you will join NHS Ashford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in reflecting on what a feat that is, and celebrate the transformation in healthcare over that time.

In 65 years the NHS has certainly come a long way. If we think back for a moment, pre-1948 was, incredibly, a time when people would sometimes avoid contacting the doctor because they couldn’t afford to pay the fee.

Chemotherapy treatments for cancer, organ transplants, and keyhole surgery have all been introduced in the NHS’ lifetime.

Looking to the present, the biggest and most recent change has been the introduction of CCGs which have put GPs in the driving seat when it comes to local health services. As an organisation we may be new, but many of our staff have given decades of loyal service, some even their whole careers, to working in healthcare in the Ashford area.

While some things have (thankfully) changed over the years, one of the constants throughout the life of the NHS is its commitment to providing free, high-quality healthcare for everyone which is free at the point of access. The NHS constitution, which was recently updated, now clearly sets out in one place what staff, patients and the public can expect from the NHS. The NHS Choices website, www.nhs.uk has further details on this.  

The constitution states that ‘the NHS belongs to all of us’ and we are firm believers in this at NHS Ashford CCG. Our ambition is to provide the best healthcare service possible to the people of Ashford. But, part of achieving this relies on you - our patients - providing us with feedback and letting us know where we need to be focusing our efforts. So, as you reflect, consider getting involved and having your say on healthcare services in Ashford. For more information, visit our website: www.ashfordccg.nhs.uk or call 03000 424815.

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